July '17

Hola mpinji! This is AFROSYNTH, the realest African selection...

Coming up we'll be checking out albums by TERYLENE, THE RIBBONS, BIBBI, POOSH and more.

VA - Loud and Proud (1988)

EMI/Radio5, EMCJ (V) 4063791

Great compilation album of some of the best white SA pop acts from the 80s put out by Radio 5, formerly LM Radio, now 5fm. 

Side A:
1. 'I Call Your Name' - Johnny Clegg and Savuka

2. 'Weeping'- Bright Blue

3. 'Angel Fish' - Jennifer Ferguson
4. 'Real World' - Wendy Oldfield
5. 'Teddy Bear' - The Spectres

 Side B:
1. 'Inside and Out' - Cinema

2. 'Hey Baby' - Wooden Idols
3. 'Hold On' - Passengers
4. 'Rock the House' - Beat the Clock
5. 'Nada' - Steve Newman
6. 'Monster From The Bog' - Psycho Reptiles