August '14

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This month we bring you bubblegum grooves from PATIENCE AFRICA and PRINCESS, early house from NOVIDADE, Tshivenda stars the ADZIAMBEYI BAND, mbaqanga heroes the SOUL BROTHERS, vastrap with the IKEY GAMBA DANCE BAND and something funky from SAKKIE. Last month we checked out DAVID CHANKE, EMOTION, NEVILLE NASH, KORI MORABA, LIONFIRE and ROBIN AULD.


SENSATIONS - Chapter 2 (1988)

Eric Frisch, EFL1013   
Producers: Tammy Moluli (Thami Mdluli)       
Engineer: Les Goode   
Recorded at: Grove Studios

Great album from little-known seven-man outfit (aka Sensation) produced by the prolific Thami "Professor Rhythm" Mdluli (credited here at Tammy Moluli). Nearly identical to other top bubblegum boybands like Splash and Sky Jinx, whose music consisted of walls of synths and rudimentary drum machines.

Songwriting credits are shared among all members (plus one): Zukile Macotoza, George Makobane, Noah Mashilo, Sello Mathiba, Malcolm Makume, Chris Kwela, Gerdes Khoza and Bassie Maseko. Formulaic for the time but still fresh today, 'Mita-Mita' features a catchy kiddies' call and response chorus. Other titles include 'Ninja', 'Get Busy' and 'A.I.D.S' - a warning from the earliest days of a pandemic that has gone on to claim millions of lives in Southern Africa, where stigma and misinformation about the disease still abound.

"There's a killer coming...
It doesn't care if you're a superstar, 
It doesn't care if you're a fisherman, 
A man or a woman, 
A boy or a girl.
Aids is so dangerous. 
Watch out!"