July '17

Hola mpinji! This is AFROSYNTH, the realest African selection...

Coming up we'll be checking out albums by TERYLENE, THE RIBBONS, BIBBI, POOSH and more.

VA - Superfly vol. 4 (1987)

CCP/EMI, FLY(V)4051721   

Killer compilation featuring all-time classics from the day's biggest stars.

1. Don't Hold Her Ruff - Lazarus Kgagudi

2. Feel Free - The Winners ft Lionel Peterson
3. Hamba Uzo Buyo - The Big Dudes
4. Tender Care - Brenda & The Big Dudes

1. Jive Pantsula - Hotline
2. I Will Hold On - Mercy Pakela
3. African Man - Kamazu

4. The Boss Is Back - CJB