December '15

Hola bafowethu! This is AFROSYNTH, the realest African selection...

We end the year with pioneering electronic instrumentals by PROFESSOR RHYTHM and AYOBAYO BAND, classic bubblegum by ALMOMO, more soulful grooves from the CRACKERS and RHYTHM KINGS, and soukous by LES CHAMPIONS DU ZAIRE.

Last month we checked out OKIE, KOFFI OLOMIDE, MONWA, BLONDIE and BANJO.

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DESIREE - Change (1990)

Umkhonto/RPM, UMKH450   
Producer: Stephen Cooks

Desiree Baird fronted another obscure new school project put together by Ed Jordan and Stephen Cooks. It's politically outspoken lyrics over R&B-influenced grooves along the lines of Janet Jackson or Paula Abdul. Writes the singer: "This is what I believe in and you who listen to the songs will feel what I'm going through. I have a strong belief that someday things will change. I want everyone to go through this phase with me. 'Where there's a will, there's got to be a way'. This is my way of proving myself to the world. Finally, a very special mention to the father of our nation, Nelson Mandela. So long in captivity, so long on patience. Change will come. Change is what we all live for..."