July '17

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Challenger, CHIL084        
Producers:Tom Maybury & Peta Teanet    
Engineer: Tom Maybury             
Recorded at: Hi-Tech Studios, Jhb

Born Ntahleng Teanet Peta in 1966 in Lesitele, Limpopo, he started singing in church, then played keyboards for Relela. Following the death of Paul Ndlovu (Street Kids, Mordillo), Peta Teanet soon assumed the title of Shangaan disco king. "After the passing of his hero, Teanet went down to Johannesburg with the aim of sustaining Paul's legacy. After knocking on many doors, he eventually met the leader of Mordillo, Lefty Rhikoto, who was prepared to produce him. Using the name Peta Teanet, his debut album Maxaka (1988) hit the streets ... That was the birth of an unchallengeable hit machine." Other albums include Divorce Case (1989), More Hits From Peta Teanet (1990), The Real Peta Teanet (1991), Saka Naye Jive (1992) and more. He was shot dead by a cop in 1996 while promoting his last album, appropriately titled King Of Shangaan Disco (Mojapelo 2008:144-155).