January '17

Hola majita! This is AFROSYNTH, the realest African selection...

This month we bring you classic grooves by the likes of OZIAS and RUSH, as well as Congolese star JOHNNY BOKELO ISENGE and plenty more.

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BAD BOYZ - Young Generation (1989)

Orange, ORH004
Producer: Thabo
Engineer: Terry Meredith
Recorded at: The Sound Studio

Chicco-influenced disco beats with all kinds of new school influences, ranging from dancefloor-friendly pre-kwaito beats on 'Young Generation', 'Sponono' and 'Shahimo' ("Tata used to say: 'War is stupid'"), to Eurobeat synths and sensibilities on 'Let Get Up And Dance'. 'Maybe We an Try Again' is a dreary R&B ballad, while best track 'Englishman' slows down the synths over a reggae beat:

"I'm not an Englishman,
I'm an African man.
from Africa.
I'm not an Englishman,
I'm just a black guy from the ghetto"

Engineer Terry Meredith played guitar for Cinema, one of the biggest white pop acts of the 80s.