January '17

Hola majita! This is AFROSYNTH, the realest African selection...

This month we bring you classic grooves by the likes of OZIAS and RUSH, as well as Congolese star JOHNNY BOKELO ISENGE and plenty more.

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LUCKY MEREKI - You Got Me Dancing (1991)

Accord/Diamond/Tusk, AMH400
Producers: Lucky Mereki, Nic Paton & Meir Eshel
Engineers: Meir Eshel & Nic Paton
Recorded at: Miditone, Jhb

Underrated artist who put out this great album of R&B-inspired jams, handling all vocals, rapping, synths and songwriting. It's a refreshing change of pace, with slow and midtempo jams the order of the day, right down to smooth sax solos by Nic Paton (Jazzanians) and co-producer Meir Eshel - the only exceptions being the dancefloor-friendly title track, 'Your Lips' and 'Action'. A fine example of the pre-kwaito new school, alongside Taps, King Rap, Tashif' Kente and MarcAlex. Today Mereki is still going strong, recently collaborating with house DJ Dino Bravo.