January '17

Hola majita! This is AFROSYNTH, the realest African selection...

This month we bring you classic grooves by the likes of OZIAS and RUSH, as well as Congolese star JOHNNY BOKELO ISENGE and plenty more.

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SANKATANA - Mahlalela (1989)

Produced by: DPMC

Four tracks of tight, band-driven disco on a label more commonly associated with pre-kwaito electronic sounds (Syndicate Sisters, Phil Your Promise, Philip Mathole). The rock art motif and the shirtless look on the cover of Mahlalela (lazy bones) hint at a roots aesthetic, balanced with some tasteful synths and danceable grooves. Best track 'Prisoner on the Street' deals with issues of poverty and dislocation -

"Walking down the street, looking for a dollar bill,
Since I was a boy, I never ever lived so nice…"