January '17

Hola majita! This is AFROSYNTH, the realest African selection...

This month we bring you classic grooves by the likes of OZIAS and RUSH, as well as Congolese star JOHNNY BOKELO ISENGE and plenty more.

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KAKAPPA - Washaniseka (1990)

Super Beat/Music Team, ETL(T)5022
Producer: Danny Bridgens (exec: Enoch Ndlela)
Engineer: Adrian Strydom
Recorded at: Syntrax Studio

Five tracks of wicked synth grooves with a Shangaan touch, followed incongruously by the sax-drenched downtempo number 'Together'. Standout track 'Shangane Piu Piu' pokes fun at apartheid-era ethnic classification:

"Don't call me Shangaan, cos I'm not a Shangaan,
Don't call me Swazi, cos I'm not a Swazi,
I can speak iSwazi, but I'm not a Swazi,
I can speak iZulu, but I'm not a Zulu,
I can speak iSotho, but I'm not a Sotho,
I can speak iShangaan, but I'm not a Shangaan..."

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